Cityringen – branch off to Sydhavnen

Metroselskabet has started the procurement process for Cityringen – branch off to Sydhavnen.

Cityringen – branch off to Sydhavnen is a ca. 4½ km Metro branching off Cityringen to Ny Ellebjerg via Sydhavnen. There will be 4 underground stations and a station at grade at Ny Ellebjerg or an underground station at Ny Ellebjerg. The four underground stations will be established at:

  • Fisketorvet shopping mall
  • Enghave Brygge just north of Frederiksholmsløbet canal 
  • Sluseholmen between Sydhavnsgade and Fordgraven 
  • Mozarts Plads.

For further information of the project and the contract structure please download information about the procurement process (vers. 3)

Applications for prequalification should be received by Metroselskabet no later than 14 March 2016 at 12.00 noon

Please, forward the application to:

Metroselskabet I/S

Att.: Carsten Larsen

Metrovej 5

2300 København S

Questions (if any) shall be forwarded to

Further documents for downloading: