Welcome to the children's city

Copenhagen is filled with experiences for children and adults, whether you’re looking to explore historic Copenhagen, discover new playgrounds, cool down at the beach or get close to nature. With the metro you can do a little bit of it all on a single day, while saving your strength when the young ones’ legs need a break.

In this guide, we have collected a number of fun and unique attractions in the areas of Copenhagen located closest to the metro.

  • Download the free guide right here by clicking on this link. 

    Happy exploring!
  • Take the metro through Copenhagen

    The kids' guide will take you here. Click on each area of the city to find the best experiences:

    The metro runs every 4 to 6 minutes, providing a quick means of transportation through the city. Every station is equipped with lifts from the street to the platform; these lifts are large enough to accommodate prams and luggage. Sit at the front of the driverless trains and you’re at the controls – in your imagination, of course. The trip through the city can be an attraction in itself.

    Metro tickets
    A City Pass ticket provides unlimited travel in Copenhagen for 24 or 72 hours, including your trip to and from the airport. You can purchase a City Pass at citypass.dk, in the DOT Mobilbilletter app - get it on App Store or Google Play, or from the ticket machines at the stations. You can also purchase single trip tickets. These are available from the ticket machines at the stations or in the DOT Mobilbilletter app.

    Two children under 12 travel free with a paying adult; The ticket is valid for travel by bus, train and metro.

    Plan your trip at www.journeyplanner.dk.
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