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Metro Service A/S

Metro Service A/S is responsible for operation and maintenance of the metro. It is our responsibility to ensure that the M metro runs on time 24 hours a day, and that travelling on the metro is a good experience for our passengers.

Therefore the company consists of a wide range of employees, ranging from electricians and other technicians to the stewards you meet on the train, traffic managers and administrative staff. In total more than 250 persons are employed in Metro Service.


Our largest group of staff is the stewards whose duties include information of passengers, supervision and checking tickets to name a few.

In the control room the metro operation is monitored 24/7 by our traffic managers, and passenger informants answer calls from the stations’ and trains’ call points. If there are changes as to operations, the control room staff also inform about these changes on displays and through the speakers.

Customer service help our passengers by answering all kinds of questions about routes, frequencies, fare zones, fares and tickets.

Technicians ensure that trains and rails are in good condition. Each train is supervised regularly and any damaged parts are repaired or replaced. The rails are checked continuously and once a year they are sanded to make the train journey more comfortable for our passengers and to minimize noise for the metro’s neighbours.

In addition, the company offers a wide range of support functions.

Located in Ørestad

Metro Service is located on Metrovej 3 in the southernmost part of Ørestad. Here you find the Metro control and maintenance centre with workshop, washing facilities, control rooms and offices.

Metro Services owners

Metro Service A / S was founded in 1998. The company is owned by International Metro Services, which is a joint venture between ATM (Aziende Transporti Milanese) and AnsaldoSTS. ATM is Europe's ninth largest public transport operator and is responsible for public transport in Milan. ATM has over 8,000 employees and over 600 million passengers a year in Italy. Ansaldo STS is a leading technology company operating in the global Railway & Mass Transit Transportation Systems business with the provision of traffic management, planning, train control and signalling systems and services.

Metro Services is a subcontractor for the Italian company AnsaldoSTS which has a contract with the metro’s owner Metroselskabet. Ansaldo has been responsible for the construction and delivery of multiple units, and have had a contract to both operate and maintain the metro for the first eight years and recently signed the contract after a EU tender for the period October 2010 - 2015th.  Ansaldo has chosen Metro Service as a subcontractor for operations and maintenance. Over the last many years Metro Service has built a deep knowledge of operating and maintaining the driverless metro systems - a knowledge that we also sell on a consulting basis world wide.

Our aims and values

In relation to our passengers
We must ensure that the passengers feel safe and secure
We must ensure a stable operation
We must ensure safe and good accessibility
We must provide updated traffic information

In relation to our employees
We must ensure personal development for each employee
We must provide employees with the relevant information
We must ensure a high degree of job satisfaction
We must ensure a good working environment
We must recognize employee performance

In relation to Metroselskabet
We must ensure that we fulfil our contract with Metroselskabet
Our cooperation with Metroselskabet is a partnership built on trust and common objectives
We must, on behalf of our contract partner Metroselskabet, increase the number of passengers in the Metro

In relation to our owners
We must ensure a healthy economy
We must develop new business opportunities
We must offer our extensive knowledge and experience to our owners

Contact Metro Service

Metro Service A/S
Metrovej 3
DK-2300 København S

Tlf.: +45 32 48 28 00
Fax: +45 32 48 28 50

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