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Metro expansion

Copenhagen is getting 24 new metro stations

In collaboration with the municipal authorities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, the Danish government has concluded a contract to expand the existing metro with a new city circle line, Cityringen.

Cityringen is a completely new metro line constructed on the same principles as the existing Copenhagen metro net. Cityringen will be a 15.5 km underground railway under downtown Copenhagen, the "bridge quarters" and Frederiksberg. The circle line will have 17 underground stations and opens in July 2019.

In the beginning of 2020 the two stations of the Nordhavn extension will be linked to Cityringen. In 2024 the Sydhavn extension and its five extra metro stations will also be a part of the Copenhagen metro network.

New stations
The fundamental qualities of the present Metro will be carried over into the new stations. But there will be more variation between the Cityringen stations compared to the existing ones.
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The work of constructing tunnels and stations began once the grid had been modified to accommodate Cityringen and continues into 2017. Beginning in 2017, the last phase will be the refurbishment of the areas around the new stations.
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Cool construction
During construction of the new metro line Cityringen, construction hoardings are used for art and other beneficial purposes. We call this: Cool Construction
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Working conditions at the building sites
The Copenhagen Metro company takes responsibility ensuring decent wages and working conditions at the building sites. 
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