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Metro expansion

Copenhagen is getting 19 new metro stations

In the near future, Copenhagen will experience a vast upgrade to the already well-functioning public transport system. Two new metro lines will be added to the existing two lines bringing the total number of stations from 22 to 41.

Cityringen (M3) is a 15.5 km underground railway under downtown Copenhagen, connecting the the "bridge quarters": Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro with Frederiksberg and the historical city centre. The circle line will have 17 underground stations and opens in the summer of 2019.

In the beginning of 2020 the first two stations of the Nordhavn extension to Orientkaj Station (M4) will be linked to Cityringen. In 2024 the Sydhavn extension and its five extra metro stations will also be a part of the Copenhagen metro network.

New station designs
The fundamental qualities of the present metro will be carried over into the new stations: A simplistic and elegant nordic look combined with open and easy to navigate access to the platforms for maximum sense of security. But there will be more variation in the designs of the Cityringen stations compared to the existing ones which are rather uniform.
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Fast and frequent

Just like the existing lines, the new lines will be fully automated and have very frequent departures down to just 90 seconds apart on Cityringen (M3). Therefore, there are no timetables in the Copenhagen Metro. Just go down to the station - a train will be coming within the next couple of minutes.

Double in passengers

The new metro lines will double the amount of passengers using the metro system from todays about 63 mio. in 2018 to 122 mio. in 2020.

Cool construction
During construction of the new metro line Cityringen, construction hoardings are used for art creating an open air urban art gallery spanning many kilometres throughout the city. We call this: Cool Construction
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