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Cool Construction

For a better city during construction

We are extending the Copenhagen metro. Cool Construction is our way of turning construction site hoardings into temporary urban labs for the benefit of neighbours and passers-by. Cool Construction is financed by the sale of advertising space on dedicated parts of the hoardings.

Cool Construction was launched in 2011 and more than 100 projects are completed annually all around inner Copenhagen. We have selected a few cases below.

Find pictures on Facebook or read more about Cool Construction in Danish.

Read our book

Cool Construction - with Temporary Art and Architecture

Read the book about Cool Construction, Denmark’s biggest art exhibition.

In 2016 we published the book ‘Cool Construction - with Temporary Art and Architecture’ that tells the story of the project Cool Construction in short texts and lots of photos.

Read the book as pdf

4 minutes with Cool Construction

Cool Construction in action

Meet the people behind three very different installations that have changed construction site hoardings into friendly additions to the urban vibe.

Introducing academy trained artist Henrik Menné, Urban development manager Birgitte Kortegaard and street artist Don John. The work by Henrik Menné and the Birch Forrest at Skjolds Plads may still be experienced on site.

Case: #Happy Wall

Playful interaction creates a playground for all ages

Happy Wall was launched in April 2014. The artist, Thomas Dambo considered the wall a gift for the people of Copenhagen as well as the tourists. The manually interactive puzzle consisted of approximately 2000 wooden pixels that allow anyone to make their own huge art work on the wall. And there were always people here creating new shapes and messages!

Thomas Dambo is known for using recycled material and this huge piece is no exception. Happy Wall could be experienced at Kongens Nytorv until april 2015.

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Case: Piles

Piles of dirt transformed into shiny organisms

Architects Pétur Örn Eyjólfsson og Søren Oskar Duvald created the piece Piles as an abstraction of the dirt, water and rubbles that is dug up from the underground during the construction of our new metro.

The piece was compiled of 45.546 small shiny aluminum disks in the formation of three piles on the hoardings at Kongens Nytorv. People were drawn to the lively flickering and surprisingly also started to interact with the piece by moving the disks around to form names and shapes.

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Case: remixing art

Fine art remixed into street art

The National Gallery of Denmark has a program for young people who spend one year doing volunteer art projects. In 2013 the group presented the site-specific art piece that measures two times 30 metres in length on our hoardings near the great Marble Church.

The piece was designed in collaboration with some of the neighbours and is a remix of fine art, which is public domain and downloadable at

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Realize your own idea

Anyone with a great idea can apply to become part of the project.

To apply you need to fill out our our application form. The form is in Danish only but can be filled out in English.

Please contact us at if you need more information.

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