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Neighbour to a construction site

Building a new circle line at the centre of a large city is not without challenges. Everyone using the city will be affected in some way.

At all times during the construction phase, there will be a number of active construction sites. Construction will mean changes in traffic patterns, bus routes and the retail trade. Everyone using the city will be affected in some way.

Next-door neighbours

The immediate neighbours to the Metro construction sites will be most affected. They will be living with periodic noise, dust and a changed streetscape.

We inform building site neighbours

Metroselskabet contacts all neighbours to a future building site well in advance to inform them about what they can expect.

Everyone in the neighbourhood around the building site is invited to meetings, at which the construction plans and their consequences are explained. This gives neighbourhood residents an opportunity to get answers to their questions about the project.

The immediate neighbours to the building site are contacted individually well before construction is begun. This is done through the local housing association. At a meeting, Metroselskabet informs all members of the housing association what kind of work will be carried out at the construction site and what kinds of inconvenience (noise, dust, etc.) they can expect to experience. Naturally, all residents have the opportunity to ask questions.

Building site neighbours are given various informative materials at the meetings:  plans, photographs, fact sheets, brochures, etc. Residents are also informed of how they can contact Metroselskabet with questions and comments after the meeting.

The bright side

It is important to note that those living next to Metro building sites for many years will not be subjected to constant noise and irritation. No site will be active at all times, and conditions will change as the work progresses.

Different types of work will be carried out in different phases. A building site may become larger and/or smaller as time goes by, just as noise and dust levels will vary depending on the kind of work in progress. We inform all Metro building site neighbours of what they can expect in advance.

Construction sites

Cityringen will have 17 stations, so there will be 17 station construction sites. In addition, there will be three tunnel construction sites and two tunnel work sites.

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