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New stations

The architects are working on designing the 17 new Cityringen stations.

The next generation of Metro stations is being created to complement Cityringen, the Copenhagen Metro’s new  circle line. Cityringen’s stations will follow the now-familiar Copenhagen model welcomed by Metro users: spacious, open, subterranean stations with easy access from street level and to the platform. This design gives natural daylight inside the stations. This special quality of light has become one of the Copenhagen Metro’s hallmarks.

However even in the best planned and most popular design paradigm, there is always room for improvement. The fundamental qualities of the present Metro - the experience of being in a safe, light, airy, well-organised space – will be carried over into the new stations.

Designers are working on new forms, colours and materials for wall coverings, platform flooring-, and fittings, such as railings and elevators. While the existing stations are more or less identical, there will be more variation between the Cityringen stations.

The design of the Metro fittings in the station area will be taken in new directions. It is imperative that the diversity of the urban spaces into which Cityringen’s stations will be integrated is respected and taken into account. Local variations will affect the design of elements, such as stairways and skylights. In addition to providing the subterranean cityscape of the Metro with daylight, at some locations, skylights will be designed to function as integrated and attractive features of the cityscape above ground.

See the new station squares here

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