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See the new station squares

Cityringen's 17 new metro stations will give the capital 17 new urban spaces. See how these new urban spaces might appear in 2019 when the new metro line opens.

The proposals are the first stage of a long process that will extend over the coming years. They present the overall layout of the areas around the new Metro stations and their function, traffic solutions and landscaping.

Later, more work will be done on the urban spaces' character and materials, such as their surfacing, illumination, urban furniture and additional landscaping. In brief, all of the elements that help to create a good urban space that is exciting to use.

Bicycle parking
Bicycle parking is a key theme in the work on the squares in front of the stations. There are many bicycles in the city, so that bicycle parking will take up a lot of space at the new Metro stations. Yet it must also be incorporated into the new urban spaces in the best possible way. The work on bicycle parking will continue in the next phase of the project.

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