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Single ticket, a City Pass or something else? Find the right ticket!

The metro, bus and train services have a fully integrated ticket system in the Greater Copenhagen area. When you buy a ticket for the metro you can use it on the buses and trains as well. And you can bring along two children under 12 years on your adult ticket free of charge.

Sales points
You can purchase single tickets and City Passes from the metro ticket machines located in all metro stations, including the station at the airport. The machines accept Danish coins and all major credit cards. Alternatively you can purchase tickets online or from the train ticket outlets.

Single tickets
A 2-zone single ticket costs DKK 24 while a 3-zone single ticket costs DKK 36. You need three zones from the airport to the city center.

City Pass
Buy a City Pass and travel as much as you like on the metro, bus and train in central Copenhagen, and to and from the airport. 
Buy a City Pass 

Copenhagen card
With a Copenhagen card in hand, you can travel free of charge in the Copenhagen area. There is also free entry to about 75 museums and attractions, and discounts on restaurants, car hire, shops and sights. Read more at

Children travel for free
Children under 12 years travel free of charge on buses, in the Metro and other trains in the metropolitan area, if they are accompanied by an adult. The limit is two non-paying children per adult. You can buy children’s tickets for children under 16 years.

2 and 3 zones
The system is based on a number of zones. For example: The trip from the airport to the centre covers 3 zones. When travelling around in the inner city, you will usually need only 2 zones.

Valid for an hour or more
• Tickets for 2 and 3 zones are valid for 60 minutes.
• Tickets for 4, 5 and 6 zones are valid for 90 minutes.
• Tickets for all zones are valid for 120 minutes.
You can hop on and off as much as you like as long as your last journey starts within the validity period. 

Don’t travel without a ticket
You cannot buy tickets on the metro train (or any other train, for that matter), so please buy a ticket before you get on. If not, you may face a fare evasion ticket of DKK 750.

During peak hours (Monday-Friday between 07:00 and 09:00, and between 15:30 and 17:30) bicycles are not allowed. If you travel with a bicycle during peak hours, even if you have a bicycle ticket, you will be asked to leave the train and issued a fare evasion ticket.



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