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City Pass

City Pass is the right ticket for you if you want unlimited use of public transport in Copenhagen. City Pass is available in two different "sizes": Small and Large.

You can use City Pass on the metro, trains and buses in Copenhagen, including to and from the airport.

Buy a City Pass
You can buy a City Pass in the ticket machines located on all metro stations. You can also buy a City Pass to be delivered to your mobile phone.
Buy a City Pass

Two different kinds of City Pass

The City Pass comes in two sizes: small and large. With the City Pass Small you can travel unlimited within zones 1-4 which covers all of central Copenhagen. The City Pass Large covers a much larger area with unlimited travels within zones 1-99. This includes journeys to Louisiana - Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk, Kronborg Castle in Elsinore and the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde to name but a few.


 City Pass Small (1-4) 24 hours  48 hours   72 hours
 96 hours  120 hours
Adult  DKK 80  DKK 150  DKK 200
 DKK 250  DKK 300
Children under 12 years
travelling with an adult*
 free  free  free  free  free
Children under 16 years  DKK 40  DKK 75  DKK 100
 DKK 125  DKK 150


City Pass Large (1-99) 24 hours 48 hours 72 hours
 96 hours 120 hours
Adult DKK 160 DKK 300 DKK 400
 DKK 500 DKK 600
Children under 12 years
travelling with an adult*
free free free  free free
Children under 16 years DKK 80 DKK 150 DKK 200
 DKK 250 DKK 300

*Maximum of two children per paying adult

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