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Christianshavn and Islands Brygge

As the name suggests, Christianshavn was founded by King Christian IV in 1618. A walk through the narrow streets of Christianshavn is like a journey back in time, and you may even forget that you’re actually in the middle of a modern metropolis! The boat-filled canals are a popular attraction for children. There’s a bunch of activity out on the water during the summer – and lots of opportunities to participate in these activities yourself. If it gets too hot, head over to Islands Brygge, where you will find swimming and sunbathing facilities. Or take a walk along the historic ramparts and dream back to the days when Christianshavn was established as a fortress city.

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What to see

1. Christiania
Just 500 metres from Christianshavn Station is the free town Christiania. The area is probably best known for its alternative community and the formerly open hash trade on Pusher Street, but it also offers much more. Here you will find whimsically imaginative houses, beautiful nature along the ramparts, a riding ground and a number of organic eateries.
NOTE: Please be aware that the environment around Christiania may be rougher than in the rest of the city.

Christianshavn Station
1422 Copenhagen K

2. The Church of Our Saviour
Climb up 400 stairs to get to golden top of the Church of Our Saviour (Vor Frelsers Kirke in Danish). The last 150 steps wind around the outside of the church’s helix spire. The view from the top is one of Copenhagen’s best.

Christianshavn Station
Sankt Annæ Gade 29,
1416 Copenhagen K

3. GoBoat
At Islands Brygge you can rent sustainable solar-powered boats that can be captained by anyone over the age of 18. All of the boats are equipped with tables so that you can enjoy a picnic on the water. While sailing, children can play “trash pirates” and capture trash in the canal with a fishing net – and earn a little reward as thanks for their help.

Islands Brygge Station
Islands brygge 10,
2300 Copenhagen S

4. Islands Brygge Harbour Bath
Located right in the middle of the city is the Islands Brygge Harbour Bath. Here you can swim with a view to the city’s towers and busy activity along the canal. The Harbour Bath has a shallow basin as well as a springboard so that you can jump in from five metres. A large grassy patch stretches along the Harbour Bath, where you can unfold a blanket and enjoy a picnic.

Islands brygge Station
Islands Brygge 14,
2300 Copenhagen S

5. Rent a cargo bike
The cargo bikes seen all over Copenhagen make it quick and easy to get around the city with children. Cargo bikes and regular bikes can be rented from Christiania Cykler.

Christianshavn Station
Mælkevejen 83a and
Fabriksområdet 91,
1440 Copenhagen K

Where to play

6. The playground in the harbour park
The harbour park in Islands Brygge offers activities and play opportunities for the whole family. The north end features a roller skating and skateboard area, street basketball courts and the popular Harbour Bath.At the south end you will find a fenced-in playground for young children with a hanging bridge, balance course and hills where children can play hide-and-seek or tag. For older yet playful souls, there are petanque pits and a beach volleyball court.

Islands Brygge Station
Islands Brygge 22,
2300 Copenhagen S

7. The playground on Christianshavns Vold
The playground on Christians- havn´s ramparts is a staffed playground located close to the water and surrounded by trees and bushes. The playground has a designated area for young children with a sandbox, swings, playhouse and slide. Attractions for older children include a ropeway, hamster wheel and gymnastics equipment. The kids can also play nature detectives or splash in the basin during the summer. Christianshavn Station

Christianshavns Voldgade 36,
1424 Copenhagen K

8. The playground on Gunløgsgade
This staffed playground has ball courts and playground equipment for children of all ages. The playground staff arranges various activities, such as juggling and tightrope walking classes. During opening hours, children can borrow outdoor toys such as balls, cycles and pedal-powered go-carts.

Islands Brygge Station
Gunløgsgade 26,
2300 Copenhagen S

Where to eat

9. Café Alma
Alma serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, in addition to a large number of to-go dishes. You can design your own brunch by combining five or seven small items from the menu.

Islands Brygge Station
Isafjordsgade 7,
2300 Copenhagen S

10. Lagkagehuset
This bakery chain started out more than 25 years ago with its first location in the Christianshavn building called Lagkagehuset (the Layer Cake Building). It’s easy to recognise, because it looks like a white and yellow layer cake. Today, the bakery’s bread and cakes are sold throughout Denmark. Lagkagehuset offers free buns to children accompanying adult customers.

Christianshavn Station
Torvegade 45
1400 Copenhagen K

11. Bryggens Spisehus
Bryggens Spisehus restaurant is located at Kulturhuset (the Cultural Centre) in Islands Brygge. A large terrace facing the harbour is open during the summer. In the event of inclement weather, you can sit inside behind tall panoramic windows with a view over the water.

Islands Brygge Station
Islands Brygge 19,
2300 Copenhagen S

12. Siciliansk is
This little ice cream shop in Christianshavn makes ice cream according to Sicilian traditions and uses as many Sicilian and organic ingredients as possible. Choose between having your ice cream served in a waffle cone or cup – or on a bun as they do in Sicily.

Christianshavn Station
Christianshavns Kanal 2,
1406 Copenhagen K

13. Sweet Treat
Sweet Treat is a combination cafe and shop. In the cafe you can purchase cakes, sandwiches, coffee and smoothies, all of which are also available to-go. The shop sells items ranging from coffee beans and chocolate, to kilim rugs.

Christianshavn Station
Skt. Annæ Gade 3A,
1416 Copenhagen K

Where to shop

14. Purløg og Persille
The showroom of Purløg og Persille (Chive and Parsley) in Islands Brygge features a wide selection of maternity clothes and baby items. The shop is primarily an online shop, but most items are also in stock in the small store so shoppers can see them first-hand before they buy.

Islands Brygge Station
Kigkurren 8F, st.
2300 Copenhagen S

15. dinBabuska
dinBabuska is a shop that values organic products, wool and sustainably produced goods. Many of the shop’s toys are designed to stimulate motor skills, the senses and linguistic development.

Islands Brygge Station
Gunløgsgade 19,
2300 Copenhagen S

16. Den Grønne Genbrugshal
This recycling hall at Christiania is actually a builder’s merchant shop, but its shelves hold everything from toys to flowers – and the first floor is home to a flea market.

Christianshavn Station
Fabriksområdet 56,
1440 Copenhagen K

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