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Frederiksberg is a city in the city, with an atmosphere all its own. Here you'll find experiences and recreation alongside restaurants and unique shops. There's always a green area within walking distance. Frederiksberg is full of beautiful parks and gardens that provide a perfect summer destinaion for play and picnics. And on snowy winter days, it has some of the city's best sledging hills. With five stations traversing the Frederiksberg, the metro ensures that can get to your destination quickly.

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What to see

1. KU.BE House of Culture and Movement
KU.BE is Frederiksberg’s new cultural and sporting centre, offering an array of indoor and outdoor activities for children and adolescents. Explore the centre and test out your balance and climbing skills on its diverse play facilities. You can eat lunch in the centre’s cafe or bring along a packed lunch of your own. Admission to KU.BE is free, while some performances and concerts at the centre require the purchase of tickets. 
Flintholm Station
Dirch Passers Allé 4, 2000 Frb
2. Museum of Music
If the kids love music and fun instruments, then Musik-museet (The Museum of Music) is well worth a visit. Play your way through various instruments and genres as you learn about the history of music. The museum also recently introduced two treasure hunts. 

Forum Station
Rosenørns Allé 22, 1970 Frb
3. Frederiksberg Gardens
Since 1749, these romantic gardens have served as a recreational destination for the city’s residents – and an ideal spot for exploring. The gardens are home to lakes, canals with bridges and winding paths that lead past sights including a Chinese gazebo, a temple and a waterfall. You can also see the elephants at the adjacent Copen- hagen Zoo from the gardens, play on the playground or go boating on the lake. In the winter, one of the city’s most scenic ice skating rinks is found at the main entrance to Frederiksberg Gardens. Ice skates are available for rental at the rink.
Fasanvej Station
or Frederiksberg Station
There are multiple entrances to the gardens.

4. Copenhagen Zoo 
Copenhagen Zoo opened more than 150 years ago. Back then, the zoo only had a few animals, but today it is home to more than 3,000 animals covering 264 different species. At the Children’s Zoo, you can pet the African dwarf goats, play on the expansive playground and meet farm animals at the Zoo Stage. Visitors can also watch the animals be fed and trained at scheduled times throughout the day. For a good view of the city, ascend to the top of the zoo’s iconic wooden tower. 

Fasanvej Station
Take bus 4A and walk the final 400 metres.
Roskildevej 32, 
2000 Frederiksberg

5. The Royal Danish Horticultural Society’s Garden
These beautiful gardens are the perfect setting for picnics. Known in Danish as Haveselskabets Have, the gardens are divided into 24 separate sections, each with its own theme, including small streams, tea houses and splendid trees. You can also meander through the 3,000-square-metre green labyrinth next to the gardens and see who can make it to the centre first. 

Frederiksberg Station
Bus 8A takes you almost to the entrance. Or you can walk for about 10 minutes.
Pile Alle 6,
2000 Frederiksberg

6. The playground at Kejserinde Dagmars Plads
This square has a nice small playground, nestled away from the busy Falkoner Allé. Perfect for a break after a visit to the local shops or the Frederiksberg Centret shopping centre.

Frederiksberg Station
Kejserinde Dagmars Plads
1860 Frederiksberg C

7. The playground at Julius Thomsens Plads

This playground is located in green surroundings, right next to Forum Station. The attractions include a fun swirling ball, swings, carousel and playhouse. This playground is also fenced in by hedges and a picket fence, making it easy to keep track of the little ones. 

Forum Station
Julius Thomsens Plads
1925 Frederiksberg

8. The playground at Langelands Plads
Located close to Frederiksberg’s indoor swimming pool, this square has a playground divided into sections for younger and older children. There’s also a shallow basin where you can splash and cool off. 

Frederiksberg Station
Langelands Plads
2000 Frederiksberg

9. The aquatic playground at Lindevangsparken
Children can play in the large shallow basin in the summer, or pour streams of water down through the canals of a small hilly landscape dotted with sea lion statues. In the year’s other seasons, kids can frolic at the staffed playground. 

Lindevang Station
Entrance at the intersection between Dalgas Boulevard and Finsensvej, 
2000 Frederiksberg

10. Café Metropolitain
Located in the former S-train station at Frederiksberg Station, this cafe offers outdoor serving during the summer. The cafe is known for its weekend brunch buffet and soft sofas that provide a comfortable respite for nursing mothers.
Frederiksberg Station 
Solbjergvej 6, 2000 Frederiksberg
11. Familiehaverne
Since the mid-1800s, the three family gardens – Krøger’s, Hansen’s and Petersen’s – have offered families a place to sit and relax after a stroll through the castle park. These historic eateries with their traditional red-chequered tablecloths serve classic Danish cuisine for enjoyment indoors or outside in the fenced gardens. All of the gardens have a children’s menu and some are also equipped with a playground.
Frederiksberg Station
The gardens are nearly a kilometre from the station. You can hop on Bus 8A, which stops close to the entrance.
Pile Alle 10-12, 16 and 18,
2000 Frederiksberg

Right next to Frederiksberg Station is the Japanese eatery Wagamama, with child-friendly facilities and mini-dishes for young appetites, including a mini ramen noodle soup and mini yakisoba (fried noodles).

Frederiksberg Station
Solbergvej 3,
2000 Frederiksberg

13. Grød
Grød (porridge in Danish) serves porridge in myriad
forms – from oatmeal to exotic porridges such as daal and risotto. You can also choose a custom mixture of ingredients for your oatmeal. All of the dishes are available to-go.

Frederiksberg Station
Falkoner Alle 34,
2000 Frederiksberg C

14. Café Væksthuset
Væksthuset (“The Greenhouse” in Danish) is part of the University of Copenhagen’s “Summer Flower Garden” greenhouse. Staffed by students, the cafe offers sandwiches, salads, coffee and pastries in green surroundings. Seating is available both outdoors and inside the greenhouse itself.

Frederiksberg Station
Grønnegårdsvej 15,
1870 Frederiksberg C

Where to shop 

15. Frederiksberg Centret
Named the best Nordic shopping centre in 2016, Frederiksberg Centret features a range of 90 shops specialising in fashion, home accessories and groceries. There’s a large shop with clothes for children on the third floor. You can enter the centre directly from the metro station. 

Frederiksberg Station
Falkoner Allé 21,
2000 Frederiksberg

16. Barnlil
This shop on Smallegade sells childrenswear, home accessories and toys from a variety of brands. You will also find some of the owner’s own creations around the shop. 

Frederiksberg Station
Smallegade 34,
2000 Frederiksberg

17. Frederiksberg flea market
Rumour has it that more clothing is sold here than at any other flea market in the city – and the wares at this market in Frederiksberg are also of relatively high quality. This all adds up to an ideal place to find children’s clothing and toys. The market is open on most Saturdays from mid-April to late October.. 

Frederiksberg Station
The parking lot behind Frederiksberg Town Hall

18. Limonade
This shop on H.C. Ørstedsvej sells baby and children’s clothing from exclusive brands. They also sell stockings and tights under their own brand and a small selection of stuffed animals and dolls. 

Forum Station
H.C. Ørstedsvej 41C,
1879 Frederiksberg C

19. Purebaby
Purebaby is one of Denmark’s largest shops for organic and environmentally-friendly baby and children’s products. You’ll find a wide range of organic baby and children’s clothing, and the shop also offers baby wrap demonstrations and presentations. 

Frederiksberg Station
Falkoner Allé 39,
2000 Frederiksberg

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