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Not long ago, Copenhagen’s new district was mostly an open expanse of undeveloped land. But things have changed quickly in the past two decades: Ørestad is now home to award-winning architecture surrounded by green spaces and nature reserves. Here you will find plenty of space for play and exploration, leaving your knees muddy and your lungs full of fresh air. Although just 600 metreswide, Ørestad is five kilometres long, and the beautiful Naturpark Amager (Amager Nature Park) stretches along the entire length. Nature is thus a nearby and ever-present contrast in this modern city of glass and steel. Ørestad is home to many families with children, and it’s never far to the nearest playground. Meanwhile, the district’s five metro stations ensure that you can always get around Ørestad quickly and easily.

Download the free guide right here by clicking on this link.

What to see

1. Amager Nature Centre
Located in the midst of a large natural preserve, Naturcenter Amager (Amager Nature Centre) is an excellent destination for play and excursions. At the heart of the nature centre is Friluftshuset (The Outdoors House), where you can rent outdoor equipment and bicycles, and purchase firewood for the campfire pits. There’s plenty of inspiration here: ride on a pony, explore the small lakes or see where the Tarzan path takes you! The natural preserve also has a number of activity cabins where you can read more about nature or seek shelter from the rain.
Vestamager Station
Granatvej 3 - 15, 2770 Kastrup
2. Local architecture
Ørestad is dotted with many impressive buildings and offers excellent opportunities for combining architecture walks with fun for the kids. For example, hop off the metro at DR Byen Station, located close to landmark buildings such as Tietgenkollegiet (Tietgen Dormitory), DR Koncerthuset (DR Concert House) and Boligslangen (The Housing Serpent). Here you’ll also find playgrounds and the
adjacent Amager Common offers the ideal setting for a picnic lunch.
DR Byen Station:
DR Koncerthuset, Tietgenkollegiet, Boligslangen
Bella Centret Station:
VM Bjerget (Mountain Dwellings), Bella Sky
Vestamager Station: Royal Arena, 8Tallet 
3. Danish Broadcasting
Corporation – Guided tours
At Denmark’s largest media company you can experience how TV and radio programmes are made or get a tour around the DR Concert House. Tickets need to be booked in advance.
DR-Byen Station
Emil Holms Kanal 20,
0999 Copenhagen
4. Ørestad Ice Skating Arena
Copenhagen’s new 5,500-square-metre ice skating arena is located in Ørestad. The facility has room for both beginners and skilled ice skaters, with three different rinks: one for ice hockey, one for figure skating, and one for general recreation.
Ørestad Station
Hannemanns Alle 14 A+B,
2300 Copenhagen S
5. A.C. Hotel Bella Sky
Take the elevator all the way up to the 23rd floor on a clear day and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. This floor is also home to Sky Bar, where you can enjoy a drink.
Bella Center Station
Center Boulevard 5,
2300 Copenhagen S

Where to play

6. Amager Nature Park
Just a five-minute metro ride from Kongens Nytorv takes you to Naturpark Amager (Amager Nature Park), also known as the Common. This 3,500-hectare nature reserve abounds with room for play and exploration. You can also bring your sleeping bags and spend the night in one of the many shelters.
DR Byen Station (Amager Common) or
Vestamager Station (Kalvebod Common)

7. Himmelhøj Natural Playground
This unique and impressive natural playground is located in Naturpark Amager. The insect forest comprises 400 large tree trunks, where the kids can pretend they are tiny insects in a huge forest. Or they can climb around on the Arc, a play ship measuring over 50 metres long.
Vestamager Station
Granatvej 3 - 15
2770 Kastrup
8. The Farm
This staffed playground with animals is also known in Danish as Bonderen. The playground’s animals include horses, goats, rabbits, miniature pigs and cows. The kids can take a ride on a pony and pet the goats in their stall. Visitors may also feed the cows and goats. Next to the
playground is Byggeren (The Builder), a construction playground where children can climb, build, ride pedal-powered go-karts and much more. The facility also has toilets with diaper changing stations and a microwave that can be used by visitors. Coffee, tea and hot cocoa are also sold here.
DR Byen Station. About a 10-15 minute walk from the station.
Peder Lykkes Vej 71-73,
2300 Copenhagen S

9. Ørestad City Park
The city park consists of eight small activity islands. Each of the islands features a different theme, including unique swings, a slide island and a picnic island. The cycling island is recommended for children learning to cycle, as its winding paths, road lines and pedestrian crossings help to learn the rules of the road in a safe setting.
Ørestad Station
Next to Ørestads Boulevard 61,
2300 Copenhagen S

Where to eat

10.Traktørstedet Vestamager
This eatery overlooks Kalvebod Common and offers a menu comprised mostly of local and organic ingredients. You can also buy crepe batter or coffee/tea in a thermos to take out to the area’s many campfire pits.
Vestamager Station
Granatvej 9,
2770 Kastrup
11. Gorms Pizza
Popular pizza restaurant with room for children to play. Gorms is a good place for lunch in connection with a stroll through the Common or after a shopping trip to Field’s.
Ørestad Station
Arne Jacobsens Allé 12
2300 Copenhagen S
12. Ismageriet
This very popular ice cream parlour has a large selection of ice creams and soft serve ice cream. You can taste a sample before choosing and enjoy free filter coffee with your ice cream.
DR Byen Station
Rued Langgaards Vej 6,
2300 Copenhagen S

13. Café & restaurant 8tallet
At the award-winning 8Tallet (Figure 8) building on the edge of the Common, you can dine by the waterside. The menu features burgers and classic Danish
smørrebrød. The Himmelhøj Natural Playground is right next door.
Vestamager Station
Richard Mortensens Vej 81A,
2300 Copenhagen S

14. Flødeboller at Kjærstrup
At the Field’s shopping centre, you’ll find the chocolate maker Kjærstrup’s only shop outside their home island of Bornholm. The shop features traditional Danish chocolate-covered marshmallows known as flødeboller and Kjærstrup’s signature ice cream cone featuring soft-serve ice cream, topping and a flødebolle.
Ørestad Station
Arne Jacobsens Allé 12
2300 Copenhagen S

Where to shop

15. Field’s
With 145 shops Field’s shopping centre is one of the largest in Denmark. The centre contains an array of restaurants, a baby lounge, sofa areas throughout the centre and a large cinema with nine screens.
Ørestad Station
Arne Jacobsens Allé 12,
2300 Copenhagen S

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