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Don’t get on the train without a ticket

You can neither buy nor validate your ticket inside the metro trains. You can buy tickets from the ticket vending machines on all stations. Single trip tickets are valid from the time of purchase and do not need to be validated. This means, you cannot buy a stack of single trip tickets to be used at a later time. Instead, you can buy a citypass or one of our other ticket products.

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The metro runs 24/7

The Copenhagen Metro is a fully automated system with two lines, M1 and M2. The system operates all hours with very frequent departures. This means, that you don’t need a schedule or timetable – the next train will arrive in 2 to 6 minutes during the day depending on your position on the line and the time of day.

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The metro is an open system – no turnstiles

This means that you can encounter Metro customer service personnel inspecting tickets answering questions and directing passenger flows in the trains or stations. You are required to follow the instructions of such Metro Stewards.

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