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Automatic platform gates at the overground metro stations

The platform gates mean more reliable operation and shorter times between the trains. The work commenced in April 2014 and was completed in the summer of 2015.

The Metro had a safety system that caused the trains to stop if something fell down on the tracks. However the system turned out to be too sensitive: A large portion of Metro operating disruptions were due to the system being triggered and braking the trains, even though it might only involve a stray newspaper.

25 % fewer operating disruptions and more departures
By setting up approx. 170 cm tall automatic platform gates at the overground stations there is less risk of things being blown down on the tracks, while at the same time the safety system's sensors could be switched off - without compromising the safety.

Around 25 % of the current operating disruptions is estimated to disappear, and it is possible to run more trains, for example during rush hours.
An extra bonus of the platform gates is that it is less windy at the stations, and it is not possible to accidentally drop anything down on the tracks.

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