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Travel guarantee

The Metro also provides a Travel Guarantee. You can read about it in our leaflet Travel Guarantee. The leaflet is also available at all Metro stations.

If the Metro is delayed for half an hour or more, we will pay if you need to take a taxi. We cover your taxi invoice with up to 300 DKK. Initially, you must pay for the taxi yourself, but we will reimburse your expenses. The guarantee is valid up to three months after the taxi invoice has been issued. Reimbursement can take place either via bank transfer or cheque. Simply fill out the coupon (use the link above) and send it to us along with the receipt. It is a condition for reimbursement that the taxi ride started at a Metro station, that experienced a delay. The Metro cannot take responsibility for reimbursement for other costs caused by the delay.

The guarantee is not valid in case of:

  • Planned changes that the Metro has announced on ahead of time; meaning at the latest the day before the changes occur.
  • Force majeure. Force majeure means events upon which the Metro has no influence, and cannot prevent or prevent, and are extraordinary in character, such as fire, was, extraordinary events of nature, and person collisions.


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