17 new stations in central Copenhagen

Cityringen is open

M3 Cityringen is a 15.5 km underground railway under downtown Copenhagen, connecting the "bro" quarters": Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro with Frederiksberg and the historical city centre. The circle line will have 17 underground stations and on two of the stations, Frederiksberg and Kongens Nytorv, you can change to the existing lines, M1 and M2.

Faster through the city

Just like the already existing lines, M3 is fully automated and has very frequent departures. Therefore, there are no timetables in The Copenhagen Metro. Just go down to the station - a train will be coming within the next couple of minutes. It takes about 28 minutes to go full circle, and since the metro trains run in both directions, the longest journey - between Copenhagen H and Skjolds Plads - is only 12 minutes.

Eight years with green construction site fences

In the summer of 2011, 17 construction sites where established throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Behind the characteristic green 'Cool Construction' fences, the largest construction in Denmark since Christian IV founded Christianshavn and the ramparts began at the sites and below ground. In 2013, the four large tunnel boring machines began their underground work, and four years later they had completed the 31km tunnel.

Today - approx. eight years after the construction started - the capital's 17 new metro stations are now almost ready.

Same concept but in a new and improved edition

The last part of the construction work has focused on implementing the visions that the architects conceived. Even though Cityringen broadly continues the functional concepts from the existing lines and station interior, it will still be a completely new and different metro experience.

Bright and clear spaces

The next generation of Metro stations have been created to complement Cityringen, The Copenhagen Metro’s new  circle line. Cityringen’s stations will follow the now-familiar Copenhagen model welcomed by Metro users: spacious, open, subterranean stations with easy access from street level and to the platform. This design gives natural daylight inside the stations. This special quality of light has become one of the Copenhagen Metro’s hallmarks.

The design of the Metro fittings in the station area have been taken in new directions. It is imperative that the diversity of the urban spaces into which Cityringen’s stations is integrated is respected and taken into account. Local variations affect the design of elements, such as stairways and skylights. In addition to providing the subterranean cityscape of the Metro with daylight, at some locations, skylights is designed to function as integrated and attractive features of the cityscape above ground.

Stationsrummet på Enghave Plads station