M4 Nordhavn opens in:

M4 Nordhavn is a branch line of M3 Cityringen.

M4 Nordhavn runs from Copenhagen Central Station towards Østerport St. and continues to the two new metro stations Nordhavn St. and Orientkaj St..

M4 has a total of eight stations and shares tracks with M3 Cityringen between Copenhagen Central Station and Østerport St.. Therefore you will experience an increasement of departures in this section.

With the two new stations Nordhavn and Orientkaj, the urban district of Nordhavn will be tied closer together with the rest of Copenhagen.

Change trains with M4 Nordhavn:

- to S-trains and region trains at Copenhagen Central Station and Østerport 

- to S-trains at Nordhavn Station 

- to the other metro lines, including M1/​​M2 at Kongens Nytorv and M3 Cityringen on the entire section between Copenhagen Central Station and Østerport.


M4 - Trail Run

As a part of the preparation for the opening of M4 Nordhavn we will be conducting trial runs to obtain the approval for passenger transport

This means that longer travel time can occur when using M3 Cityringen, because the new line M4 shares tracks with M3 Cityringen. The M4-trains will not be accessible for passengers and doors will not open.

Two new metro stations - Nordhavn and Orientkaj

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Nordhavn Station

Nordhavn is covered in red cladding just as the M3 stations Copenhagen Central Station, Nørrebro and Østerport. The red color indicates that it is possible to change to S-trains.

The station is equipped with a pedestrian tunnel under 'Kalkbrænderivej', which makes it easier to change between metro and S-trains at Nordhavn St..

Orientkaj Station

Orientkaj is a new type of elevated metro station.  The station has it's own local architectural features, as is the case with most of the M3 stations.

The neighbourhood and buildings of the station are called the White City, and the station reflects this architecture.

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