World's best metro

With as little as two minutes between the driverless trains and a high reliability, the metro in Copenhagen has been voted the best in the world several times.

The metro is a sustainable, fast and a safe way to get around Copenhagen, and daily about 300,000 passengers travel with the metro. Since the opening in 2002, over one billion passengers have traveled with Copenhagns metro.

The metro system has recently been expanded with the M3 Cityringen and M4 Nordhavn. With Cityringen, there are 19 new stations  in  Copenhagen, and in addition, the metro network will be extended to  Sydhavn in the coming years.

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Experience, precision and persistence

The Copenhagen Metro (Metroselskabet I/S )
The Copenhagen Metro was founded on 26 October 2007 under the provisions of the Act regarding Metroselskabet I/S and Arealudviklingsselskabet I/S. The Copenhagen Metro is a partnership, owned jointly by the City of Copenhagen (50 %), the Danish Government (41.7 %) and the City of Frederiksberg (8.3 %).

We are a transport, development and construction company. As such we have the overall responsibility for the operation of Copenhagens metro with over 73 million passengers a year, and we are currently expanding the metro system with  a metro line to Sydhavn.

96 percent of our customers say they are happy with their travels in the metro, which runs 24 hours a day. It is unique, and we are constantly striving to follow up and ensure that we can continue to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

Our metro constructions are international mega-projects that require great experience, precision and persistence. We are part of every stop of the process - from drawing the big lines on a map to making detailed analyzes and adoption of a construction law. From the dialogue with our surroundings to the control of over multiple large construction sites with more than 1,500 employees. From the adaptation to an international labour market under change and to the completion of the entire construction, where we drill kilometers of tunnels under the city and build several modern stations.

Operation of the Metro has been contracted out to Metro Service A/S.  
Metro Service is responsible for operation and maintenance of the metro. They ensure that the metro runs on time 24 hours a day, and that travelling on the metro is a positive experience for our passengers.
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The metro stations
The metro stations are user friendly. They blend naturally into the surroundings and clearly signal "metro"