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The Havneholmen metro station is located on the former parking area behind Fisketorvet. With the station square, a new urban space is created, which will be both a traffic hub and a shopping destination, but also a green and quiet oasis with attractive and safe places to stay.

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Grafik af Havneholmen

Enghave Brygge

The station square at Enghave Brygge is part of the transformation of the former port and industrial area into an attractive mixed business and residential quarter. The square is intended to be a vibrant gathering point for the new district with green beds, seating areas, outdoor dining, a tree-lined avenue, and a staircase leading down to the water.

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Grafik af Enghave Brygge


The Sluseholmen metro station is located at the end of Fordgraven in an area that is undergoing significant development with many new homes and commercial buildings on the way. The station square will be a natural center for passengers, residents and employees in the area - a gathering point and meeting place with good opportunities to buy food and drink from the surrounding cafes.

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Grafik af Sluseholmen

Mozarts Plads

The Mozarts Plads metro station is located on the outskirts of the square, providing good opportunities for staying in the area around the station. The square will continue to be a traffic hub, but the social part is strengthened, as the square is designed as a green urban space with opportunities for staying, events and other activities.

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Grafik af Sluseholmen

Copenhagen South

In the future, Copenhagen South will be one of Denmark's largest stations, where the Metro, S-trains, regional and long-distance trains meet. The entire district around the station continues to develop, and many new citizens, shops, and businesses have, for example, moved to the large neighbor Grønttorvet.
The station square will both be a transit area for a large number of passengers, while also functioning as an outdoor area for the local area, including students at NEXT Sukkertoppen and the neighborhood's children and young people.

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Grafik af København Syd