In the calendar you can see when we are planning operational changes due to maintenance on the different metro lines. Default view is set to larger changes with a duration of more than 30 minutes and/or during the evening instead of night/early morning. To see the minor changes please toggle "See all changes".

You can filter the calendar view to only see the metro lines that are of interest to you by clicking the line icons.



${day.date | day}

${ key }

${item.lines} ${lineDescriptions[item.lines.toLowerCase()].start} ${lineDescriptions[item.lines.toLowerCase()].end}

${item.startDate | dayName}

${item.startDate | formatDate}

Period of time

${item.startDate | time} - ${item.endDate | time}

Valid from:
${item.dateRange.start | dateRange} - ${item.dateRange.end | dateRange}