The operation and maintenance of the Metro is handled by Metro Service A/S

At Metro Service we work around the clock to make your journey fast, secure and comfortable. Our main goal is to run on time, give you the best possible service and ensure maintained and clean trains on a daily basis. 

We also strive to give the correct information at the right time both in trains and on the platforms. It is also possible to follow us on Twitter and for questions you can always contact our Customer Service.   

Our employees
All our 285 employees in Metro Service work for the same purpose; ensuring that the Copenhagen Metro provides the best possible service for our over 170,000 daily passengers.

The largest group of employees in Metro Service is the stewards, who you will meet on platforms and in trains. Among other tasks they are there to assist the passengers, ensure safety and check tickets. 
In the Control Room the Train Dispatchers are keeping the trains and stations under surveillance while the Passenger Information Officers are answering passengers’ calls from the call points. In case of planned changes or disruptions of the service, the passengers are kept informed by the Control Room via displays on the stations, speakers on the trains and via Twitter.
The employees in Customer Service are replying to inquiries by telephone, in writing or via Twitter about lines, departures, zones, ticket prices, fines and much more. A range of different technicians are making sure that the tracks and trains are always up to speed. Each train is serviced on a regular basis, damages are fixed and parts changed. The tracks are inspected frequently, and once a year they are polished to make the journey smoother and to minimize the noise from the trains.
We also hold a number of different support functions. 
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The company
Metro Service A/S is a privately owned company run by a senior management team consisting of CEO Claudio Cassarino, Maintenance manager Jimmy Jensen, Operations manager Lars Toft Krag, Betriebsleiter and S, Q and E Manager Nicola De Negri, HR manager Thuri Didriksen and Finance manager Klaus Aakilde.
Our Mission and focus areas
We are to continuously develop our ability to deliver excellent daily results, that meet and exceed the expectations of our passengers, employees, Metroselskabet and our owners. 
In order to live up to – and preferably exceed – the expectations of our stakeholders we have great focus on our service availability (SA) that is measured once daily to monitor if we live up to the target of 98 %. However the SA is not the only perimeter we measure closely; incidents and accidents are also monitored closely, just as our passenger satisfaction. Our target is that 90 % of all passengers are satisfied or very satisfied. It is with great pride that we can say we have succeeded in living up to the numbers for many years.  
In addition to these operational focus points we also take great pride in our work with social responsibility. When people think of Metro Service, we want them to think of our values; safety and environment, customer focus, professional know-how and teamwork. Our Code of Ethics and our strong attitude to responsibility towards the society is the basis of how we run our business, with focus om human rights, good and safe working condition, social engagement, anti-corruption and environmental responsibility. 
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Our owners
Metro Service was founded in 1998. The company is a joint venture between Italian ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) and AnsaldoSTS. 
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Contact us
If you want to write or contact us, you can find us at:
Metro Service A/S Metrovej 3
DK-2300 Copenhagen S
Phone: +45 3248 2800
Or contact us using our contact form