The operation and maintenance of the Metro is handled by Metro Service A/S

The Copenhagen Metro (Metroselskabet I/S), which is owned by the State, Copenhagen and Frederiksberg Municipalities, has the overall responsibility for the operation of the Metro, but the daily operations is handled by a private operator. After a public tender, Metro Service A / S operates and maintains the existing metro and the Cityring when it opens.

Steward in the Metro

The company Metro Service
Metro Service A/S is a privately owned company run by a Executive Management Team consisting of Managing Director Claudio Cassarino, Maintenance Director Jimmy Jensen, Operations Director Lars Toft Krag, HSQE Director and Betriebsleiter Nicola De Negri, HR & Communications Director Thuri Didriksen and Customer Service Director Karen Rønberg.

Metro Service A/S was founded in 1998
Metro Service is a joint venture between Italian ATM (Azienda Tranporti Milanesi) and Hitachi Rail STS.

Metro Service's work areas

Metro Service is responsible for ensuring that the Metro operates on time, by providing good service and by ensuring that the trains are maintained and cleaned daily.

This means that Metro Service, in addition to running the train operation itself every day, cleans trains and stations, repairs and checks train equipment, ensures that the correct signage is in place at all trains and at stations, checks tickets and provides customer service both in the system and by telephone and online.

Metro train
Control room

Jobs at Metro Service

The largest group of employees in Metro Service is the stewards, who you will meet on platforms and in trains. Among other tasks they are there to assist the passengers, ensure safety and check tickets. 

 In the Control Room the Train Dispatchers are keeping the trains and stations under surveillance while the Passenger Information Officers are answering passengers’ calls from the call points. In case of planned changes or disruptions of the service, the passengers are kept informed by the Control Room via displays on the stations, speakers on the trains and via Twitter.

The employees in Customer Service are replying to inquiries by telephone, in writing or via Twitter about lines, departures, zones, ticket prices, fines and much more. A range of different technicians are making sure that the tracks and trains are always up to speed. Each train is serviced on a regular basis, damages are fixed and parts changed. The tracks are inspected frequently, and once a year they are polished to make the journey smoother and to minimize the noise from the trains.


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