When we are performing maintenance and close metro lines you can use our replacement bus service

The Copenhagen Metro i s designed to run 24/7 operation but like all other railways it needs continuous maintenance to keep operation smooth and reliable.  The maintenance of tracks and signals often requires that sections of - or the whole lines be closed from operating in a short timespan. Maintenance work is carried out during late evenings and night to affect as few passengers as possible. In case of larger or longer lasting changes in operation we will supply a replacement bus service.

In the maps below, you can see where you can catch the metro buses.

Due to road traffic conditions not all stations on M3 are included in the replacement bus service. If you need to get off at Nørrebro, Aksel Møllers Have or Skjolds Plads you will have to combine you replacement bus journey with other forms of transport like city buses. You can find your journey at journeyplanner.dk

Replacement buses on M1/M2