When you are traveling with the Metro and need help from customer service, you need to get a hold of DOT.

Customer service

DOT is ready to answer your inquiries - both about travels specifically with the Metro and about traveling on Zealand, Copenhagen and the islands.

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Contact DOT Customer service on telephone:
+45 7015 7000

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Online customer service

You can contact customer service directly by an online form and get help with i.e.:

Travel regulations

What rules apply for kids, bikes and baggage? Find the answer at DOT's

DOT has collected all the travel regulations for the traffic companies on Zealand, so you only have to look one place to get an answer to your travel wonder. The regulations are not necessarily the same across bus, train and metro, where both the space and number of passenger numbers vary a lot.

The joint national travel regulations are determined in accordance with ‘the Danish Railway Act’ and “Danish Transport Companies Act”. 

Read more about the joint travel regulations
Kvindelig steward

Children in the Metro

Read more at DOT
Familie metro

Regulations for luggage

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barn metro

Can I bring animals in the Metro?

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Dyr i metro

Bikes and electric kick scooters are welcome - but not during rush hours
Remember to buy a supplement ticket

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cykel metro

Customer service during your entire trip

Read more about customer service across the different modes of transport on DOT's website

Lost and found
- get help finding lost items

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Fare evasion tickets
- ask questions or pay online

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Complaints about the metro - tell us about any bad experience and get help

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Travel guarantee - if the Metro is delayed for half an hour or more and you need to take a taxi, we may cover expenses up to 300 DKK

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