The opening of Cityringen to be celebrated with great public celebration and free transport

11 September 2019

See the programme for the celebration on 29 September 2019.

After eight years of metro construction, the M3 Cityringen opens on Sunday, 29 September. With the capital's new metro line, public transport will gain a significant boost, and the number of passengers using the Metro is expected to double to 122 million already by 2020. The opening of the new, cohesive metro network is celebrated with great public rejoicing, opening ceremony and free transport for the customers of the Metro.

The construction of Cityringen's 17 new metro stations and the testing of the system and the driverless trains are now very close to being completed. This means that the largest unified construction project in Copenhagen in 400 years will soon be completed. Finally, many thousands of patiently waiting passengers can use the newly connected metro network.

When Cityringen opens, we can travel underground to work, family and friends with sustainable, public transport, which will tie the city even better together. It will change Copenhagen's everyday life - and pave the way for an even greener capital. I look forward to celebrating the historic day with a great public celebration,” says Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen (S).

On Sunday, 29 September, the opening of Cityringen will be celebrated at the City Hall Square. The celebration begins at 1 p.m. with a live concert, where several Danish artists will perform. Everyone is welcome to join the event. The opening ceremony will begin at 2 p.m. with a special opening show focusing on how Copenhagen will change when the 17 new metro stations open. HM The Queen, as well as the ownership of The Copenhagen Metro, will attend the opening ceremony.

At 3 p.m., Cityringen is declared open, and all customers will have the opportunity for free transport throughout the metro system – both the current lines and the new metro line M3 Cityringen – until midnight. During the first hours, waiting time may occur due to great interest to see the new stations Staff will, therefore, be ready to handle and assist the customers.

I am looking very much forward to the opening of Cityringen after eight years of metro construction. It is expected that the new metro network will help to reduce congestion and creates new traffic hubs that can ensure a stronger and more efficient public transport network in the capital. The construction of the metro is a great improvement – not only to those living in the city – but also for commuters, tourists and other visitors,”says the Minister for Transport, Benny Engelbrecht (S).

With Cityringen it becomes easy and fast for customers to travel between Vesterbro, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Østerbro, and Inner city. At three new stations, it will be possible to interchange to S-Train, which ties the public transport by metro, buses, S-Train, and regional trains even closer together.

The opening of Cityringen is also celebrated in Frederiksberg with festivities and entertainment for the whole family at Frederiksberg Station. Here, the festivities include children's theatre, music, magic, and acrobatics.

With Cityringen we go from a metro line to an actual metro network. It will change the way we use the city and leave its mark on the city life for many years to come. With three very beautiful metro stations the rest of the capital is tied closer to Frederiksberg. I look forward to open Cityringen for children and adults and provide future generations with a sustainable means of transport that contributes tremendously to Frederiksberg's high climate ambitions, says the Mayor of Frederiksberg, Simon Aggesen (K).

Before Cityringen can open, the final approval from public authorities must be granted, allowing the trains to carry passengers. The permit is first issued, when the authorities assesses the basis for the approval to be sufficient after many thousands of tests of the new system. The approval is expected to be obtained shortly before the opening date. However, irrespective of how well the test operation has performed, operational irregularities are to be expected in the first months when customers start using the metro system.

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Facts about the Cityring

Facts about the new unified metro network

Facts about the Cityring

- Cityringen is the city's new metro line M3, which with 17 new stations will connect Vesterbro, Frederiksberg, Nørrebro, Østerbro, and Inner City.

- Cityringen is the largest unified construction project in 400 years since Christian IV founded Christianshavn. The contracts to build Cityringen were signed in 2011.

- Cityringen will be driverless and will operate around the clock just as the existing metro, and during peak hours there will be a maximum of three minutes between the departures.

- When Cityringen opens, nine out of the ten most-used stations in Denmark will have a metro station.

- With Cityringen and the upcoming metro lines to Nordhavn (2020) and Sydhavn (2024), Copenhagen gets 24 new metro stations.

- Thus, from 2024, the capital will have 44 Metro stations that tie large parts of the city together.


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